Erection all risk (Ear) Insurance

This policy provides cover against all the risks involved in the erection of machinery, plant and steel structures of any kind as per terms and conditions of the policy.

The insurer will indemnify loss or damage due to the following causes:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion.
  • Flood, inundation
  • Windstorm of any kind
  • Earthquake
  • Theft, burglary
  • Faults in erection
  • Negligence, lack of skill, lack of experience, malicious acts
  • Short-circuit, arcing, excess voltage
  • Excess pressure or vacuum, tearing apart on account of centrifugal force
  • Any other sudden and unforeseen event such as loss or damage due to collapse, foreign objects, on-site transport of items to be erected, etc

Main Exclusions

  • Loss or damage due to faulty design
  • Defective material or casting
  • Defects in workmanship
  • Loss or damage due to willful acts or willful negligence of the insured or their representatives
  • Consequential loss of any kind or description whatsoever e.g. claims from penalties, losses due to delay, lack of performance, loss of contract
  • Loss or damage due to war or warlike operations, civil commotion of any kind as well as acts on the part of strikers and locked-out persons
  • Loss or damage due to nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination